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Khorunzhyi-General Petro Lipko to Maksim Gorky: “Falsehood Is the Greatest Achievement of Soviet Power”

Until now, nothing was known about the dramatic fate of the last Chief of the Staff of the UPR Army Khorunzhyi-General Petro Lipko. In all reference books, his biography ends in 1922, when he seems to have returned from emigration to Ukraine. And now we have managed to find documents that shed light on the last eight years of the life of this extraordinary and heroic personality and true Ukrainian patriot.

Baron Borzhynskyi could have saved his life at the cost of the denial of Ukraine, but he preferred death to betrayal

The researcher of the history of Ukrainian special services Oleksandr Skrypnyk has published a book about the Ukrainian diplomat and intelligence officer, whose name had been covered with the sands of oblivion for almost 100 years.

Valentyn Dyomin: “After My Work in the Intelligence Service, I Would Throw Myself into Implementation of Any Project”

During his business trip abroad, within a month Valentyn Dyomin was awarded two orders and two medals. That was a unique case in the history of the Intelligence. The experience gained in the Foreign Intelligence Service, later helped him realize himself in business and as a diplomat, as well as in the public service in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


Yu.Tyutyunnyk in Ukrainian rebel movement and Mykolaivschyna

The activities of the anti-Bolshevik Ukrainian rebel movement in the 1920s are still the national history obscure pages. The Soviet historiography virtually ignored that subject, and propaganda, as it could, distorted the image of a peasant-rebel in the public mind. In the wake of those distortions the rebel movement for years received definition (including scientific) “banditry”, its social base, which was essentially peasant, was artificially limited to a handful of “kulaks”, various anti-Soviet “elements” and “renegades.”

Yu.Tyutyunnyk in the Materials of the Branch State Archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

By Yu. Kotlyar

The article examines the materials of the Branch State Archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine as a source base for study of the life and work of the Khorunzhyi (Insign)-General Yu.Tyutyunnyk. Attention is paid to the characteristics of the UNR Army’s First Winter Campaign.

Intelligence Starshyna (Senior Officer) Ivan Vyslotskyi

Ivan Vyslotskyi inscribed his name in the history of Ukrainian intelligence having written detailed memoirs about his service in the Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Galician Army (UHA) and the activities of the Intelligence Service in that difficult period of life of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR). They were published in the 1930s in Lviv and allow to get some idea about the establishment of the Intelligence Service of the UHA, achievements and shortcomings in its work, specific episodes of the intelligence activity from a direct participant of the events.

Khorunzhyi-General of the UPR Army Yuriy Tyutyunnyk’s Letters

Although the majority of Yurko Tyutyunnyk’s letters have been studied and published by scientists, let us again turn to them, to quote some passages, and to show some letters in the original. This is probably the most valuable thing – to see the hand of the author, his writing, nature of writing, editing, notes. Almost all the letters are handwritten, yellowed by time and are covered with a layer of archival dust that still even a century later cannot hide the author’s identity.

Special Forces airborne group “Storm”

For the observance of the 70th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from Nazi invaders the departmental state archive of the SZRU continues a series of publications following archival affairs. Now you have the opportunity to be made aware of the story on the basis of archival documents on activities in the enemy’s rear of reconnaissance and sabotage group “Storm”formed in the territory of Ukraine and its contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany.

Foreign intelligence is an important tool of the state mechanism

Occupation of these people has always been in the shadows. Their work, hidden under a haze of mystery, has  never been displayed. But it required daily, sometimes strenuous, efforts …

According to pertinent remark of famous British writer John le Carré, “what is spying but one of the the terms for what we all do every day.”

A Soviet Intelligence Officer Fedir Hilko Still Has 300 Thousand Deutschemarks in a German Bank

On the eve of the Day of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine,  Oleksandr Skrypnyk  told the “Fakty”(“Facts”)  the story of our countryman, compared by his  colleagues with  the hero of the movie “Dead Season”, brilliantly starred  by Donatas Banionis.