The Foreign Intelligence Service Met with Veterans from Different Generations

November 18, 2016

People become intelligence officers once and forever, regardless of the status of former employees after the completion of their military career and what they do in life after it. This postulate that actually distinguishes true professionals, was confirmed yet again at the meeting of veterans, which on the eve of the professional holiday of employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine was held in the central office of the SZRU.

This meeting could be called an intergenerational conference of intelligence officers, if it had not been so informal, even family-like. At the beginning the leitmotif of communication was initiated by the leadership of the SZRU, who suggested a frank conversation in order to hear different opinions and ideas and to use all rational things in future work.

The guests were well worth being listened to as they were  veterans of the Service with 25 to 50 or even more years of experience. They all had worked in different historical periods, including since 1991, when Ukraine became an independent state, were involved in the creation of the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service -at that time the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s National Security Service. The meeting was attended by the first chiefs of the Intelligence and its structural units, who had laid the foundations of Ukrainian secret services, by chiefs of departments of human intelligence and technical intelligence, first official representatives and security officers in Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad, teachers who had developed lectures and educational programs to train new personnel for the Foreign Intelligence Service.

During the exchange of views about the role of intelligence in today’s world and in the past, the veterans heard the answers to their questions, learnt about the priorities of the present and the issues on which the SZRU is working in the difficult international situation.

The participants of the meeting stressed the need to establish the SZRU’s closer cooperation with “The Fund of Veterans and Officers of the Foreign Intelligence Service” and “The Fund of Supporting the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine” The combination of the departmental capabilities and the potential of the veterans’ voluntary associations allows to realize many activities with the help of the retired intelligence officers, such as the young employees’ oath, meetings and themed conferences, participation in the educational process at the Institute of the SZRU, assisting the study of the history of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, and constant help to the Lyceum- Boarding School “Cadet Corps” under the SZRU’s patronage, and other activities.

At the meeting it was pointed out that regular communication and co-work of the intelligence officers of different generations are important not only for preserving professional traditions and effective development of the SZRU, but for further consolidation and strengthening of the principle of corporatism of the Service in the best sense of the word.

For their active participation in the creation and development of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and on the occasion of the professional holiday, the veterans were awarded the jubilee medal “25 Years of the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence.”

Press Office of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine