SZRU Acting Chairman I. Razinkov’s Greetings To the Staff of the Foreign Intelligence Service on the Professional Holiday

Dear employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and our dear veterans!

On behalf of the Board of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and in my personal capacity I congratulate you on our professional holiday!

Difficult are the times when we have to fulfill our military and civic duty of defending our Motherland. Perhaps this is the main challenge that fell to us. We have to overcome it with dignity and to act so that later we are not ashamed before our compatriots.

The struggle for Ukraine is going on at different fronts. At our front, invisible to most people, we do everything in order not only to restore the territorial integrity of the country, but also to prevent heavy losses among our soldiers on the front line.

The intelligence that is collected by us daily, the analysis of the situation and forecast of its development allow the leadership of our country to make strategic decisions, to defend national interests in international negotiations, to implement the European integration course of Ukraine’s development.

Understanding of the high missions assigned to the Service, every and each employee’s personal responsibility for the future of our country should encourage us to work even more actively, to add strength to properly fulfill the tasks set by the country’s leadership.

I am grateful to all the employees who work hard, professionally fulfill their duties, and care about the results of our common cause.

Special thanks to the veterans of the Intelligence, who do not lose contact with the Service, share their experience with the younger generation of intelligence officers, help in solving many issues both at the departmental and at the national levels.

I heartily congratulate you all on the holiday. I wish you good health, prosperity, confidence in the future and new significant professional achievements in the name of protecting national interests of our Motherland!

Glory to Ukraine!


Acting Head of the Service I. Razinkov