The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Has Published a Collection of Declassified Documents on the Ukrainian Emigration of the 1920s- 1930s

February 1, 2017

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, implementing the state policy in the sphere of preservation of national memory, continues to make public archival documents of the state security agencies of the Soviet period on the Ukrainian people’s national – liberation movement.

The SZRU’s state archive has declassified 160 archival cases (274 volumes), containing documents on the Soviet Intelligence Service’s measures against the leaders of Ukrainian public entities, organizations, political parties, social movements and the created by them military formations, activity of foreign intelligence agencies in the former USSR and documents on famous historical personalities, events and facts. As a result of the SZRU’s research work,  we have published a collection of declassified documents, which, on the one hand, tell about the activities of the Ukrainian Intelligence of the time, and on the other – show the activity in Ukraine and abroad of Ukrainian military formations, national movements and organizations in 1918-1930.

To make easier the work with the significant documentary material, which shows the previously unknown pages of national history and, no doubt, is a valuable source of information for researchers studying certain periods of the creation of the Ukrainian state, all the documents have been digitized.

The collection “Ukrainian Emigration of the 1920s- 1930s in the Archives of the Intelligence Service” which consists of four parts (833 pages) is available on the SZRU’s website in the “Declassified Archives”.


Press Office of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine