SZRU Acting Chairman Ihor Razinkov’s Greetings to the Female Personnel of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine on the International Women’s Day – March 8

Dear Ladies!

On behalf of the Board of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and in my personal capacity, I congratulate you on the best spring holiday – International Women’s Day- March 8!

At all times, women inspired men to heroic deeds, great achievements and brilliant victories. Kind and affectionate, courageous and at the same time delicate – such are our Ukrainian women. Domestic goddesses, you give birth and raise children, from generation to generation passing over the tradition of our people’s high spirituality, culture and industriousness.

For your diligence and determination you have rightfully earned credibility and respect from colleagues and the leadership of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. And today we honestly admit that the women of the SZRU are not just our colleagues, they are first of all our true and reliable friends!

Your wisdom, female intuition, kindness and compassion, energy and caring about everything happening in the units, allow to successfully fulfill the tasks set before the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service. I am sure that you will continue to be active in all the spheres of the Service’s work.

With all my heart, I wish you, our dear Ladies, inexhaustible happiness, love and goodness! Be always warmed by the hearts of your loved ones, and let understanding, peace and comfort be in your homes.

I wish you to greet each coming day with a smile, with anticipation of joy, with confidence and true peace! Good health, happiness, well-being and prosperity to you!

With deepest respect and best wishes,

Acting Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine I.Razinkov