The SZRU Chairman’s Greetings on the Occasion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Fighter Day


Celebrating the Day of the Ukrainian Volunteer Fighter, we honor our compatriots who, in volunteer battalions, were the first to repulse Russian aggressors in the Donbas. It was due to the courage and heroism of the volunteer soldiers in those early days of the battles that the enemy realized: he would never conquer Ukraine easily.

Ukraine should be proud of its volunteers. Initially, in volunteer battalions, and then as part of regular military and National Guard’s units, they showed us all the example of selfless service to the Motherland. They do not lose their active position in civil life either.

On behalf of the Board of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and in my personal capacity, I sincerely congratulate these courageous people on the holiday. I wish you peace and harmony. May God protect you.

Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine
Yehor Bozhok