Application for a Job


Application for a Job

Because of the classified nature of the work at the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the application process is paramount consideration. Professional staffing of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is connected with the processes of search, analysis and selection of applicants, who can meet the requirements of the work at the SZRU. The Human Resources Department of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine handles recruitment of the new staff.

The recruitment and selection process is competitive, voluntary and contractual.

Rather serious and various requirements depending on features position openings are placed upon applicants.

In general terms, the citizen of Ukraine, as a rule, aged from 22 till 35 years, who has corresponding education, high personal and moral qualities and professional aptitude can be an applicant for a job with the SZRU. In selection of applicants, particular emphasis is placed on excellent language skills or tendency to acquire them, ability to work as part of the team, willingness for self-improvement, for intense work and so forth.

Taking into account the tasks put before the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, selection of applicants for a job is carried out in accordance with a wide range of criteria. Having studies with emphases on international relations , international law, international economic relations, international economy, international business, international information, journalism, political science, regional geography, philology (foreign languages), translation and interpreting, public administration, management of foreign economic activity, power management, nuclear power, management of information security; physical protection, account and control of nuclear materials; nuclear engineering, applied engineering, mathematics, applied mathematics, finance and credit, banking, account and audit, economy of the enterprise, system analysis and management, informatics, software of systems, system programming, computer systems and networks, specialized computer systems, telecommunication systems and networks, technologies and means of telecommunication; radio-electronic devices, systems and complexes and so forth and, besides, the corresponding practical experience can be to your advantage.

As for the l anguage specialists, today priority is given to the skilled interpreters and translators with the knowledge of rare languages (Persian, Dari, Pashto), most difficult languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese), as well as Southeast Asian languages (Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay), who have a grip on referencing services. As regards the European languages, the l anguage specialists with the knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian are preferred.

For the purpose of a thorough medical examination of one’s mental and physical fitness to perform essential job functions applicant undergoes further culling by a special Military-Medical Board.

Simultaneously, during professional psychological selection the applicant’s general intelligence, mental and physical fitness to perform essential job functions at the SZRU, thinking speed, interpersonal skills and other professionally important qualities are assessed as well.

Besides, applicants are notified that they shall keep State and service secrets and shall observe the rules on data protection. Everyone employed at the SZRU assumes liability and sign a declaration of secrecy on nondisclosure of data protected by the law and became known to him while working at the Intelligence Service.

The process of reviewing and checking of applicants for job at the SZRU, as a rule, may take as little as a year. The personnel selection officer informs the applicant on a final decision.

The process of reviewing and checking of applicants is carried out with observance of all legal regulations and with respect to the individual’s interests. The information upon which clearance decisions are based is as accurate as it can be and is guarded with the strictest confidence and can’t be disclosed or be transferred to the other organizations and persons. Therefore applicants shouldn’t be afraid that rejection for appointment will give the basis for restriction of their rights or somehow will influence the subsequent career. There are many reasons for turning down applicants, finally from dozens of potential applicants only a few become employees of the Foreign Intelligence.