“Special Operation “Necro”. Declassified Stories from the Intelligence Archive”


The ADEF-Ukraine Publishing House has just published the book “Special Operation “Necro”. Declassified Stories from the Intelligence Archive”. This book is about the war on the secret front that the kremlin and its secret services have been waging against Ukraine's aspirations to defend its statehood for more than a hundred years.

More than fifty essays are based on unique declassified documents from the archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. They make it possible to learn about hitherto unknown episodes of special operations conducted by the gpu/nkvd/ mgb/ kgb of the ussr abroad against prominent figures of the Ukrainian national liberation movement. Including, about the first attempt to assassinate Andriy Melnyk and Stepan Bandera back in 1944 in Berlin; about the new circumstances of the murder of Yevhen Konovalets; about how nkvd agents were infiltrated into Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky's inner circle; about the intention to recruit Chief of Intelligence of the Ukrainian People's Republic Vsevolod Zmiyenko, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ukrainian People's Republic Oleksandr Shulhyn, head of the OUN-M Oleh Shtul-Zhdanovych, fighter for the Ukrainian cause Vasyl Vashyvanyi and other figures, and what came of it; about one of the first attempts to use top-secret special means – against the Minister of Military Affairs of the Government of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile Mykola Kapustyanskyi; about how the kgb conducted a large-scale special operation “Necro” against head of the OUN-B, Yaroslav Stetsko, in order to bring him to an untimely death.

Besides, the book tels a lot of new and interesting things about the life and work of Oleh Olzhych, Ivan Lytvynenko, Yakiv Vodyanyi, Andriy Livytskyi, Isaak Mazepa, Oleksandr Udovychenko, Roman Smal-Stotskyi, Ivan Ohiyenko, Mykhailo Omelyanovych-Pavlenko, Vasyl Filonovych, Volodymyr Murskyi, Lev Rebet, Nestor Makhno and other figures of national history, who were monitored by bolshevik secret services around the world.

The book contains all the most important things that have been written recently on this topic and posted on the official website of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, as well as on the information portals “Historical Truth” and “Radio Liberty” and on the pages of the newspaper “Day”. Therefore, these publications are information partners.

Journalistic stories about past events, apart from clarifying a number of episodes and shedding light on facts little known to the general public, make it possible to see a holistic picture that reflects trends, changes in tactics, choosing perpetrators and means of committing crimes against prominent figures of the Ukrainian resistance movement. Documentary evidence of how this was actually done, has been found in the archives of the Intelligence. Many such testimonies are published for the first time.

The value of the book is also in the fact that in it the author Oleksandr Skrypnyk, a long-term researcher of the history of secret services, gives many quotes from operational reports, agents’ messages, plans, reports, cites documents, provides photographs and images of individual documents from archival files. This will be useful in own research by historians, scientists, journalists, political scientists, experts, students, and all the people interested in national history.

At the same time, the book helps better understand what is happening today, the nature of russia's aggressive policy and the activities of its secret services, and will help professionals to counteract them more effectively, in particular, on the information front.