The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Sincerely Congratulates the Security Service of Ukraine on the 29th Anniversary of Its Professional Holiday


The last seven years have been the most difficult for our state, as its territorial integrity and sovereignty have been threatened. And today the situation continues to be in the most serious, most critical phase of the struggle for Ukraine's independence. Today, the hybrid war continues deep inside the country. And you have a great responsibility to the Ukrainian people to successfully counter the Russian Federation's asymmetric aggression. New times dictate new tasks - to develop your capabilities and not to lose efficiency while performing the tasks assigned to the Service.

Today's history is being written by you. You are an outpost of defense in our struggle for a united and integral Ukraine. And so your ability to counter hybrid threats and subversive activities brings us closer to our European goal.

Ukraine counts on your patriotism, courage and devotion, and is proud of its best sons and daughters who have dedicated their lives to defending their Motherland.

Your comrades-in-arms, officers of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine, share with you the responsibility for the future of the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people in our liberation struggle.

Ukrainian intelligence officers sincerely wish you courage and self-sacrifice, devotion and creativity in carrying out the tasks assigned to the Service.

Good health, personal and human happiness to you and your loved ones!


Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine    Valerii KONDRATIUK