The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine's “White Paper” in English


The “White Paper”, which the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine published on January 24, on the day of its professional holiday, aroused great interest and resonance. Numerous comments, responses, reposts have become evidence that with such openness and principled position in covering a number of important issues, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine adheres to European democratic principles.

As shown by the feedback, professionals in the sphere of national security and defense of Ukraine, partners, journalists and general public perceived the first such publication with great interest.

Of particular interest was the section on the astimates of external threats to Ukraine's national security. And most of all – threats from the Russian Federation. All these threats, estimates, and conclusions caused hostile reaction of the Kremlin's ruling elite and Russia's media and experts. This is not surprising, because the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence on the pages of the “White Paper” clearly and explicitly named the main enemy of Ukrainian statehood – the Putin regime. And this has become a kind of marker for highlighting many “irritating points”.

Besides, the publication estimates regional and global trends, analyzes the prospects for maintaining the “pro-Ukrainian” coalition, the role and place of Ukraine as a European democracy in many processes. It also considers capabilities and potential of international cooperation of the SZRU as an additional, but equally important channel of communications.

That is why the “White Paper” made interested experts in far and near abroad, and a number of publications and comments in foreign media have already been devoted to the information presented on its pages.

In order to make the publication more accessible to partners and the general public, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is going to publish an English-language version of the “White Paper” on its website in the coming days.