April 14, 2024 Ukraine and the World – Against russia’s Aggression. Sanctions in Action


Germany has announced that it will immediately transfer another Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.

 Chancellor of the FRG Olaf Scholz believes that Germany will have to support Ukraine for a long time, because the war started by russia will not be short.

According to the results of the survey, the share of German citizens who believe that the West should increase military aid to Ukraine has risen to 42%.

“We have identified about 800,000 units of 155-caliber artillery ammunition for Ukraine, this was correct some time ago. Now it is more than a million”,  said President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel.

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has urged Western countries to lift the restrictions on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, which it needs to defeat russia in the  full-scale war.

Montenegro intends to  join the European Union’s mission to train the Ukrainian military.

Sweden has announced the composition of the high-level Advisory Group, which will provide expert support to the Government of Ukraine in the EU accession process, namely: representative in the negotiations on Estonia's accession to the EU  Alar Streimann; former European Commissioner, twice Minister of Finance of Lithuania Algirdas Šemeta; former European Commissioner, Latvian diplomat Andris Piebalgs; former European Commissioner, Minister of EU Affairs of Sweden (2006–2010) Cecilia Malmström; Icelandic diplomat, director of European affairs and participant in EU accession negotiations (2008–2013) Högni S. Kristjánsson; State Secretary for EU Affairs and International Relations of Sweden (2010–2014) Katarina Areskoug; former Director General of the National Land Service of Lithuania (2017–2021) Laimonas Čiakas; former Permanent Representative of Finland to the EU (2017–2021) Marja Rislakki; Chief Negotiator for Iceland's accession to the EU (2009–2013) Stefán Haukur Jóhannesson.

Ukraine has agreed on the composition of its part of the team that will be responsible for the creation of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Analysis, Training and Education Centre (JATEC).

 Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk has signed a decree  on the creation of the Council for Cooperation with Ukraine, which will deal with bilateral relations and the issue of reconstruction.

Professor of Beijing  University Feng Yujun  believes that the rf's defeat in the war against Ukraine is inevitable, and over time russia will be forced to withdraw from all temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories,  Crimea included.

“Radical Republicans in the House of Representatives are essentially killing Ukraine...” - emphasized the American writer Stephen King regarding the “Republicans”’ delay in voting for military aid to Ukraine.

The US Department of State, USAID, and the US Department of Commerce, in partnership with the Government of Ukraine and the US Chamber of Commerce, will host the US-Ukraine Partnership Forum 2024, which will take place on April 17 at the Chamber’s  headquarters in Washington.

National Nuclear Energy Generating Company (NNEGC) “Energoatom” and the American company Westinghouse have started the project of construction of two power units – ХАЕС-5 and ХАЕС-6 – using  AR1000 technology.

In the first reading, the Parliament of Moldova approved the draft law, which provides for initiating the deprivation of Moldovan citizenship of persons who are under international sanctions.


The USA  has  expanded sanctions on russian copper, aluminum and nickel, and, together with the United Kingdom, has banned trading of these metals on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). “By taking these measures purposefully and responsibly, we will reduce russia's revenues while protecting our partners and allies from unwanted side effects”,  US  Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen said in a statement.

The Sanctions Department of the US Department of the Treasury is investigating the activities of several American and foreign companies regarding the supply of military microcircuits that end up in russia.

Michael Casey, Director of  the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) has said that the United States faces a significant number of security threats related to espionage and cyber attacks in favor of China, russia, iran and north korea.

Minister of Energy of Austria  Leonore Gewessler has prepared a draft law that provides for   giving up   russian gas completely – a  reduction in the share of gas imports from russia to zero percent in the “gas year” 2027-2028. The contract between the Austrian OMV and the russian “gazprom” for the supply of gas until 2040 will be canceled.

 Chancellor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania  Inga Černiuk  has  urged citizens to avoid trips to   countries visited by  russians  most often, and advised them to holiday  in countries which russians cannot visit  due to international sanctions.

russian coal companies cut production to the level of April-May 2021. The export of russian coal is becoming unprofitable due to the increase in logistics costs, the import duty from China and the exchange rate export duty introduced by the authorities of the rf.

chairman of the supreme soviet of khakassia  sergei sokol has  said that coal-mining enterprises of the region are sending workers on forced leave over the  decrease in production volumes. “Due to problems with export quotas and railway tariffs, almost all sections are working at half capacity”,  he emphasized. According to him, coal companies during the export of khakas coal through the western ports of the rf suffer losses from 0.4 thousand to 1.5 thousand rubles  per ton.

rostelecom has postponed the installation of 4G communication base stations on the towers of the russian television and radio broadcasting network to 2026 as part of the program to connect “socially important objects”  to the Internet (the russian government promised the public that the work would be completed by 2024). The cost of the works is estimated at 9 billion rubles, but experts say that “no one has an idea yet how much domestic equipment could cost”, which will perhaps appear on the russian market by 2026.

The ministry of finance of the rf has prepared draft orders to increase from June 1, 2024, the minimum retail prices for 0.5 liters of vodka, brandy and rum, and cognac  to 299  rubles, 403 rubles  and 556 rubles, respectively. Purchase prices for ethyl alcohol will also increase – to  73 rubles per liter.

In russia, the company “kuban-vino”, which is the largest producer of wine,  as well as  a viticulture enterprise and a piggery belonging to the “ariant” group of companies, have been nationalized.

According to the higher school of economics, there are about 800 cities in the rf with  15% of the population living in them, and according to the stolypin institute for growth of economics, 16 million russians live in cities with a population of less than 50,000 people. Almost a third of these cities are located in siberia and the urals. Research by the institute of national development shows that the number of residents in the siberian macro-region decreased by 15% between 1991 and 2022, that is the territory lost about 2.3 million people, or more than 10% of its original population. According to the novosibirskstat, in 2020 alone, the number of residents of the siberian federal district decreased by almost 1% (114 thousand people). One of the reasons for the decline in the number of residents is the poor quality of the urban environment and living conditions, as well as a shortage of personnel, including a shortage of doctors (27% to 46%) and teachers (7-10%).

The rental price for a one-room apartment in russia rose by almost a third in 2023, while the cost of renting a two-room apartment rose even more – by  39.5%. In January-March 2024, rental prices peaked: in the first three months of 2024, the average monthly rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in moscow reached 56.2 thousand rubles, which is by 3.7% more than in the fourth quarter of last year (54.2 thousand rubles), and by 30% higher than in March 2023 (43.2 thousand rubles). The average cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment is 99.5 thousand rubles, which is by 1.32% more than in the fourth quarter of 2023 (98.2 thousand rubles), and by 39.5% higher than in March last year (71.3 thousand rubles).

The share of single-parent families in russia has doubled from 21% in 2002 to 48.5% in 2023, according to research by the russian ministry of labour’s  institute of labour. In 81% of all single-parent families, the responsibility for the material well-being of minor children lies with single mothers, who number 4.85 million in the rf. The share of single-parent households continues to grow: “mother” families – 1.6 fold, with a single father – almost  4 fold.

In st. petersburg, a tram with artificial intelligence from the tank manufacturer uralvagonzavod crashed into a crowd of people due to brake failure, leaving the victims in critical condition. The tram was being tested. st. petersburg's gorelectrotrans has signed a 3.1 billion ruble deal to supply 22 of these 1950s-1960s-style trams.

Since the end of March, roskomnadzor has for the first time blocked access to the resources of foreign companies that were required by law to open an office in russia but did not do so. The restrictions included the resources of foreign hosting providers.

roskomnadzor has blocked the online publication “polit.ru” due to the alleged placement on the site of “fakes” aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in the rf.

66% of russians would agree to implant a chip in their body, according to a survey conducted by the “anketolog” service for marketing and sociological research on the Internet. 34% of respondents said that they fear  the authorities and special services’ control, data leakage, harm to health.

“The level of anxiety-depressive symptoms in russian society is by 10% higher than the norm for the third year now”,  said timofey nestik, the head of the laboratory of the institute of psychology of the russian academy of sciences.

rector of the pushkin institute  trukhanovskaya has proposed to change the exams for migrants: it does not matter if they know the history of russia and how quickly they find the red square on the map of moscow, they must understand the russian language. In particular, they are insisting on changing the number of points that demonstrate the successful passing of the language exam – instead of   50 out of 100, they are now insisting on returning a positive result of 80 points out of 100. At the same time, trukhanovskaya said that the russian mat (swearing) in russia is becoming less taboo due to its prevalence, and therefore, will stop being  prohibited and will move to the level of a neutral kind of swearing, which is not considered swearing in the rf.

Enterprises included in the holding “belarusian cement company” ended 2023 with losses, according to the data of the unified portal of the financial market. jsc “belarusian cement plant” (kostyukovichi) has a net loss of almost 34.4 million rubles, while the total amount of uncovered loss continues to increase and already in 2024 is  215.3 million.  Jsc “krichevtsementnoshifer (krichevsky district) had a net loss of almost 120.7 million rubles. At oao “krasnoselskstroymaterialy” (the village of krasnoselskii), the net loss has grown to more than 55 million. The total amount of uncovered loss is 430.3 million rubles.

The number of unprofitable organizations in the belarusian industry at the beginning of the year increased from 314 to 350. Almost a quarter of all enterprises in the industry (23.4%) were operating at a loss. The net loss of such companies increased to 498 million rubles. At the beginning of this year, industrialists' debts from taxes and social contributions increased by 28%. Overdue payables increased by 17%. And debts for credits and loans increased by 11%.

The national bank of the rb excluded the financial organization “optikurs”, which in 2021 replaced the former “absolutbank”, which was subject to US sanctions, from the unified state register of legal entities.

belarusian human rights activists recognized 14 more people as political prisoners. They are accused or convicted under the articles on insulting lukashenko, slandering lukashenko, insulting an official, insulting a representative of the authorities. In total, there are already 1,387 political prisoners in the rb.

The brest city council has named a new street in the city after petr  ivashutin, who headed the main intelligence directorate of the general staff of the ussr  armed forces from 1963 to 1987.

In the rb, the number of teenagers who smoke vapes has increased fivefold in 20 years, and now it is more than 15% of schoolchildren, mostly girls, who are aware of the dangers of smoking. According to the research and practice center for hygiene in the rb, “an alarming pattern has been identified in that the number of teenagers who do not want to quit vaping increases as they grow older”.