April 15, 2024 Ukraine and the World – Against russia’s Aggression. Sanctions in Action


Ukraine is negotiating with Germany on the provision of an additional IRIS-T air defense system.

During his visit to China, Chancellor of the FRG Olaf Scholz will try to persuade the country's leader Xi Jinping to influence putin and help end russia's war against Ukraine.

“...Now it would be useful to strengthen Israel's anti-missile defense and equip Ukraine with similar systems. The easiest way is to unblock the package of American aid to Ukraine and Israel”, said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radosław Sikorski.

According to the results of a survey among French youth, every second (both boys and girls) is ready to join the ranks of the army and fight on the territory of Ukraine, if France’s defence required this.

Ukraine and Slovakia have signed a Memorandum on Deepening Cooperation in the Nuclear Sector.

The European Commission proposes to hold a Defence Industry Forum with Ukraine this year, at which practical mechanisms for the integration of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex into European structures will be worked out.

Ukraine will create a Coordination Center for Integrated Border Management – one of the key criteria for our country's entry into the EU.

Transport Ministers of the G7 countries have signed a declaration of support for Ukraine in the restoration and development of infrastructure.


From April 15, Finland closes traffic for water tours on the Saimaa Canal, as well as the Haapasaari and Santio sea crossing points on the border with the rf.

In the first quarter of 2024, 2,094 companies were declared bankrupt in the rf – by 53% more than in the same period last year, as shown by the unified federal register of bankruptcy information. There are 6,968 notifications by creditors regarding plans to initiate insolvency proceedings against their counterparties.

The largest number of bankruptcies occurred in moscow (478, an increase of 44.4%), moscow region (212, an increase of 94.4%), st. petersburg (143, + 70.2%), tatarstan (82, + 148.5 %), the krasnodar territory (57, + 23.9%).

In the first quarter of 2024, by 16% more warehouses were offered for sale in the rf than last year. Most of the facilities were sold in dagestan, where the number of offers increased by 72%, in leningrad region – by 65%, in bryansk region – by 59%, in novosibirsk region – by 32%, and in moscow region – by 30%. At the same time, all in all the demand for warehouse purchases in the rf decreased by 1%, but in tver region – by 57%, and in kaluga region – by 55%.

Over the year, the average cost of purchasing suburban real estate in russia increased by 30%. Prices rose the most in saratov region – by 55% (to 3.1 million rubles), in novosibirsk region – by 50% (to 3.9 million rubles), in volgograd and chelyabinsk regions – by 47% (to 2.9 million rubles and 2.2 million rubles, respectively). russians were buying housing by 25% less, renting it by 9% more often.

The average cost of a ticket to the cinema in the rf increased by 10% – to 722 rubles, to museums and exhibitions – by 13% – to 951 rubles (the number of tickets purchased fell by 15%), the average check for lotteries and betting services increased by 15% – to 1,215 rubles.

In 2023, the supply of wines from Spain and France to the russian market decreased 1.5 times, while their price increased by 30-80%.

Starting from May 2024, excise duties on alcohol, including wine and champagne, will triple in the rf: the duty, which currently stands at 34 rubles per liter, will increase to 108 rubles, and the tax on sparkling wines will rise from 45 rubles to 141 rubles per liter. All this will lead to another increase in the price of imported alcohol for russians.

According to the latest data from the institute for statistical studies and economics of knowledge, the number of employees in the russian artistic industry has decreased by 29%, in photography – by 27%, and in broadcasting – by 26%.

There are more than 830 companies in Lithuania whose shareholders or ultimate beneficiaries are belarusian citizens, about 40% of the companies appeared after 2021. In total, belarusian entrepreneurs have moved almost 9 thousand companies to the EU, most of them (75%) – to Poland. The peak of relocation occurred in 2022, when the rf attacked Ukraine.

Since the rf faced a serious problem with the supply of Chinese components for its missiles, it “set an eye” on all belarusian microelectronics. “planar” and “integral” enterprises are already by 60% loaded with orders from the rf. the kremlin insists that rb terminate the already concluded contracts with internal customers and those from Latin America, promising to buy out all the companies' products. But it is going to pay one and a half times less.

Since McDonald's left the rb’s market in 2022 after the rf’s attack on Ukraine, establishments called “mak.bai” have opened there. But the assortment and quality of products clearly do not meet the standards. A cutlet from the belarusian “mak.bai” weighs only 20 grams, and besides, the weight of a belarusian hamburger is being achieved due to a wheat bun, not a beef cutlet. Such a hamburger in the rf costs 3.40 rubles, while, for example, in the Polish McDonald's it costs 6.50 zlotys, or 5.42 rubles. Given that the average salary in the rb at the beginning of 2024 was 2,025.7 rubles ($ 627.8), and in Poland – 7,978.85 zlotys ($ 2,030), belarusians can buy 596 hamburgers for the average salary, while citizens of Poland on theirs can buy 1,227 hamburgers