April 20, 2024 Ukraine and the World - Against russia’s Aggression. Sanctions in Action


Chancellor of the FRG Olaf Scholz has confirmed that Germany will send its third Patriot anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine, and six more will soon arrive from other NATO member states.

The German manufacturer of drones Quantum-Systems has opened the production of drones in Ukraine. The plant should produce a thousand unmanned systems per year, as well as spare parts and components for them. Over the next two years, the manufacturer will invest EUR 6 million in the plant.

The G7 countries have declared their intention to strengthen the air defense of Ukraine, as well as to help our country receive compensation for the damage and destruction caused by the aggressor.

Ukraine and the Czech Republic have started negotiations on a bilateral security agreement.

This year, Ukraine will receive EUR 560 million from the European Investment Bank for projects in energy, transportation infrastructure, housing reconstruction, and to support Ukrainian business.

The United Kingdom has allocated almost 150 million pounds sterling (over 180 million US dollars) to strengthen Ukraine's energy sector. The country also handed over to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine modern equipment for working with the Unified State Register of persons liable for military service, conscripts and reservists “Oberih”.

The Secretariat of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership has delivered to Ukraine energy equipment worth more than EUR 800,000 to restore the infrastructure damaged by russian invaders.

Under the Repairing Essential Logistics Infrastructure and Network Connectivity project, initiated by our country together with the World Bank, Ukraine has received 18 sets of modular bridges manufactured by the American company Acrow Corporation of America.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles Brown have stressed the need for Congress to approve aid to Ukraine as soon as possible, as the delay is already having consequences on the battlefield. According to Hakeem Jeffries, the leader of the “Democrats” in the House of Representatives of the US Congress, his party colleagues in the legislative body will do “what’s necessary to make sure the national security bill gets over the finish line”.

“I have no doubt that we will find a way, but we need to be creative. We must be flexible”, said UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron on finding ways to use frozen russian assets to help Ukraine.

Prime Minister of France Gabriel Attal has said that the rf's victory in the war “would come at an exorbitant price for the French”, therefore they should continue to support Ukraine.

Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Mihai Popșoi has stated that his country strongly supports Ukraine and is ready to participate in its restoration.


The EU will invest the first EUR 2.5–3 billion from the profits from russia's frozen assets in military aid to Ukraine, – said President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

“I have said it now many times – and I will say it again: We should all be more Finnish when it comes to security”, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said regarding the closed border between Finland and the rf.

Chairperson of the Defense Committee in the Parliament of Finland Jukka Kopra suggests that russian oligarchs who own real estate in the country may cooperate with the rf’s intelligence.

The USA intends to triple the tariffs on Chinese aluminum, which will also have a negative impact on the export of russian “rusal” products. “rusal” supplies significant volumes of metal with a low carbon footprint to the PRC. New restrictions for Chinese producers, as well as sanctions against russian aluminum, create serious risks for “rusal”’s exports, – the company said.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the G7 called on the leaders of their countries to consider options for reducing dependence on the rf in the field of nuclear energy, – as shown by the document published after the meeting.

Insurance companies refused to compensate gazprom for the damaged “nord streams”. The reason for the destruction of the gas pipelines is the rf’s war against Ukraine, and these risks are not included in the insurance contract, – insurers emphasize.

From April 18, the American multinational corporation Autodesk, Inc, which developed and supports the AutoCAD automated design program, has started blocking accounts in the rf. A complete ban on AutoCAD in the rf can lead to disruptions in construction project deadlines and significant financial losses for participants in this market.

The Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania will soon consider a proposal to ban broadcasting of russian and belarusian television channels and radio programs.

Moldova has reduced the volume of trade relations with the rf to 3% of the total volume of foreign trade.

The investment bank JPMorgan Chase has filed a lawsuit against the russian bank vtb in a New York court with a demand to stop the russian credit organization’s attempts to return $439.5 million from the account blocked after the introduction of sanctions.

Due to the strengthening of international control over the implementation of anti-russian sanctions and problems with payments, the import of goods to the rf has decreased to $ 67 billion, which is the minimum for the last seven quarters, the central bank of the rf has reported.

The cost of advertising the sale of goods on the russian online service “'avito” has increased from 2 to 5-11%.

In 2024, in russian cities with population above million (except for moscow and st. petersburg) a total of only 30,000 square meters commercial real estate will be commissioned – this will be the lowest figure since 2013 (in 2022-2023, developers built 54 thousand and 50 thousand square meters of offices in these cities, respectively).

The number of deals by russians to buy real estate in the UAE in the first quarter of 2024 decreased by 82% (compared to the same period last year), and in Turkey – by 88%.

In 2024, the city of naryan-mar took first place in the rf in terms of the cost of housing and communal services, where the average cost of housing and communal services is about 9.4 thousand rubles a month, in anadyr – 8.9 thousand rubles a month, in magadan – 8.7 thousand rubles, which is more than 20% of the average monthly salary of a russian. yakutsk (8.6 thousand rubles) and petropavlovsk-kamchatsky (8.6 thousand rubles) also entered the top five cities with the highest payments for communal services. In sixth place is moscow with 8.2 thousand rubles a month. This is the highest indicator among cities with a million-plus people. The top 10 cities with the most expensive apartments also include: khanty-mansiysk – 7.8 thousand rubles; salekhard – 7.7 thousand rubles; surgut – 7.4 thousand rubles; gorno-altaisk – 7.3 thousand rubles.

Farmers of the rf are trying to recover money through the court from the russian company “Cognitive robotics” (a subsidiary of “sberbank” and cognitive technologies), which supplied them with cognitive agro pilot autonomous control systems for agricultural machinery. Farmers claim that the autopilot does not perform its functions and does not meet the stated technical requirements.

Clients of russian services began to receive warnings about the prohibition of authorization through Apple ID and Google services. The digital service of e-books and audiobooks “litres” and the platform for game lovers, developers and content authors vk play posted such messages on their sites.

For russian officials, the rules for traveling abroad have been tightened due to the fsb’s fears that foreign countries may try to gain access to state secrets. The ban on leaving without a permit applies even to “friendly countries”.

The key brands of Bacardi Limited, the last transnational alcohol company in russia, are almost out of stock in the country's retail chains.

In russia, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the number of cases of “alcohol addiction” diagnosis increased for the first time in ten years.

Authorities of the temporarily occupied Crimea have canceled the victory parade and the march of the “immortal regiment”, scheduled for May 9.

At a special summit in Brussels, the European Council called on the EU Council and the European Commission to continue work on the introduction of additional duties on some types of imports of russian agricultural products into the European Union. The increase in tariffs also applies to the rb, taking into consideration its close ties with the rf. “Having extended the new measure to the rb, the European Union will not allow russia to use the rb to circumvent the new tariffs and send its goods to the EU market”, the European Commission said.

first deputy minister of economy of the rb kartun has stated that “not financial instruments” are used in settlements with counterparties from some African countries, but barter. He called the exchange of belarusian tractors for oranges a successful case.