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Chairman of the SRSU Valeriy Yevdokymov's Greetings on the Day of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine

To Officers and Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine!

On the day of the professional holiday, we must once again remember and realize that Ukrainian intelligence has deep historical roots and great traditions.

We have absorbed the best of our famous national heroes and now we are steadily building the Service according to standards of leading intelligences of the world.

An important lesson to be learned from the national ancient and modern history is that only a strong state can protect its independence and its people from external threats. And only a strong national intelligence, which consists of professionals and patriots, is able to timely expose aggressive plans and intentions of unfriendly states.

Today, we look at the SZRU's role and place in Ukraine's national security system from a new, more realistic and pragmatic point of view. The President of Ukraine has set a clear task for us: to be able not only to obtain relevant information for the Ukrainian leadership's strategic decision-making, but also to take active measures in many directions, to take an offensive position.

We continue to build the Service, taking into consideration the requirements of today, improving the management process, expanding foreign intelligence capabilities, improving work efficiency, developing the infrastructure in the regions, reconstructing technical intelligence facilities, deepening interaction with partners, improving regulatory framework, caring about financial well-being and social protection of our employees. We continue the daily system work, focused on the future, on the result, on the new quality.

On behalf of the leadership of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and in my personal capacity I express gratitude to the officers of all structural divisions, who thoroughly and highly professionally perform their duties.

I wish the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine to successfully operate and develop, and us all to be a team of like-minded people.

I sincerely congratulate you on our professional holiday and  wish all the officers of the Service and our dear veterans to be active, united, mobilized, result-oriented and confident in the future. Goodness, happiness, and well-being to your dear ones!

Glory to Ukraine!

Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

Major General Valeriy Yevdokymov



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