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In the Unity of Actions and Spiritual Commonality. The 100th Anniversary of the Act of the Reunification of Ukraine

January 22, 1919, the St. Sofia Square in Kyiv vitnessed the event about which Ukrainians could only dream in their most daring thoughts.

It was then that the two parts of Ukraine which for centuries had been torn off from each other – the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic – were united into a unified and independent People's Republic.

According to the contemporaries of the Unity, in the hard times of liberation struggle, faithful children of Ukraine helped it to rise and united it into one People's Republic.

The Act of the Reunification reflected the Ukrainian people's centuries-old dream about an independent unified national state. It became a manifestation of the Ukrainians' commitment to ethnic territorial consolidation, evidence of the formation of the nation, and the idea of ​​the unity of the Ukrainian lands acquired state status.

Every year on January 22, with flying yellow-blue flags, Ukrainians unite the East and the West of Ukraine by a living chain of Unity. Today, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Unity, they again are defending together their independent, free and integral Ukraine.

Let us honour the memory of invincible fighters for the Unified Ukrainian State!

Let us maintain the territorial integrity of Ukraine and remember that as long as at least one shred of the Ukrainian territory is ruled by an enemy, generations of Ukrainians will keep going to war.

The people's might is in unity! God, grant us unity!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

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