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Prime Minister of Ukraine Greetings on the Day of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine

Dear Friends!

On behalf of the Government and in my personal capacity, I congratulate you personally on the Day of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine!

During Russia’s military aggression and its hybrid war against our state, the role of the Foreign Intelligence Service is growing. Counteracting the aggressor state’s secret services requires the Ukrainian intelligence officers’ mobilization and patience. The Service has to work in conditions of high danger and to resolve supercomplex tasks related to military, informational, economic and other threats to our society. The security of the state, success in confronting the aggressor and internal reforms depend on the professionalism of Ukrainian intelligence officers.

Today the Ukrainian Intelligence is radically changing. We face a task of integrating into NATO intelligence structures and working closely with special services of countries- members of the Alliance. We must fulfill our obligations before the present and future generations and ensure the irreversibility of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration. I am sure that enshrining the course to the EU and NATO membership in the Constitution of Ukraine will contribute to this process.

I am sure that the successful work of the Foreign Intelligence Service is one of the key security factors for both, our country and the entire Eastern European region. Therefore, the Government will continue to pay due attention to the Service’s needs for successful implementation of its functions in protecting our state and society.

I express my gratitude to all the employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service for the dedicated service to the Motherland and the successful counteracting the aggressor in the hybrid war! I wish you good health, success, prosperity and peace in our country!



Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman

Volodymyr Groysman

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