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The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Celebrated Its 100th Anniversary

January 24, 2019, an official reception on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine was held at the H. Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

The event was attended by the leadership of the intelligence community of Ukraine, the chiefs of secret services- partners of the SZRU, in particular the CIA of the United States, the Department of State Security of Lithuania, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Estonia, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Romania and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Georgia, as well as representatives of intelligence, special and law enforcement agencies of foreign states, accredited in Ukraine.

In his speech at the meeting, NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov pointed out that Ukraine has no alternative to European and Euro-Atlantic integration. That is why today, the intelligence agencies of our country are entrusted with complex and responsible tasks, fulfillment of which requires new approaches, technologies, resources and equipment. But first and foremost, the success of the Intelligence's work depends on people: honest and courageous, professionally trained and patriotically minded – and such make an overwhelming majority in our special services. It is they who are guarantors that the Kremlin will not be able to repeat the tragedy of the year 1919 – to destroy our state and conquer the Ukrainian people.

In their congratulatory speeches, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Army General Vasyl Hrytsak, Chief  of the Main Directory of Intelligence of  the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Colonel-General Vasyl Burba, Chief of the Office of Information of the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Major- General Valeriy Yevdokimov, emphasized their resolve to deepen the interaction and true open partnership with the SZR of Ukraine within the framework of the Ukrainian intelligence community.

Chairman of the SZR of Ukraine Yehor Bozhok stressed that the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Ukraine's Foreign Intelligence is an important and symbolic victory of Ukraine. One hundred years ago, exactly on January 24, 1919, the Department of Foreign Information was created as part of the Political Department of the Directory of the UPR, which began to conduct intelligence work against the enemies of the young Ukrainian People's Republic. So, having returned its own history and knowing its real past, Ukraine will definitely have a future. And its future is in the Euro-Atlantic community.

Today, thanks to the support of NATO partners, Ukrainian Intelligence, despite the direct military aggression of the Russian Federation and the harsh counteraction of its special services, managed not only to revive but also to radically modernize all directions of its activity. The initiated reforms allowed to restore trust and to establish proper cooperation with the NATO intelligence community and to gradually integrate into the intelligence community of the North Atlantic Alliance. Within the past year alone, the SZR of Ukraine has significantly developed its partnership with the CIA of the USA, MI6 of Great Britain, BND of Germany, Intelligence Agency of Poland, State Security Department of Estonia, Foreign Information Service of Romania, National Intelligence Organization of Turkey and Foreign Intelligence Service of Georgia. Establishing cooperation with the NATO's Joint Intelligence and Security Division also shows the increase in the Alliance's trusting the Ukrainian intelligence community, and this will help Ukraine's integration into the North Atlantic Alliance.

Special guests from the United States, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Georgia in their speeches assured that they would continue to support Ukraine in its counteraction to Russian aggression and would in every way contribute to the reform of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine according to Euro-Atlantic standards.

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