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The Statement by the Press Office of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine on the Attack on the SZRU Officer

In response to the purposeful fuss made by some media over the attack on the officer of the SZR of Ukraine, please be aware that the information about the attackers’ having allegedly got the seal, official ID and documents, is not true.

Stolen were only personal belongings and documents identifying the citizen of Ukraine, which, thanks to the measures taken by the internal security of the SZR of Ukraine, have already been returned to the owner.

At the same time, the fact of leak into the openly anti-Ukrainian media of the restricted access information about the above-mentioned criminal offense against the employee of the SZR of Ukraine, attracts attention. This case is already being investigated by the internal security of the Service. We assure you that the guilty will be found and brought to responsibility.

The overhyped media buzz around the incident is another example of how Russian special services under the guise of “independent” media, “non-governmental organizations” and “civil activists” are conducting hybrid war against Ukraine, using every occasion to destabilize and intimidate the Ukrainian society.

However, the Russian aggressor and his “fifth column” should remember that such information operations not only do not demoralize the SZR of Ukraine, but they prompt the Ukrainian intelligence to further intensify work on uncovering, exposing and neutralizing the efforts of the enemy’s special services aimed at destabilizing the situation in our state.

Glory to Ukraine! Victory will be ours, with God and Truth on our side!

Press Office of the SZR of Ukraine

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