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The SZRU Chairman’s Greetings on the 73rd Anniversary of the Victory Over Nazism in the Second World War

Dear Colleagues and Veterans!

The Day of Victory over Nazism in the Second World War is a holiday with tears in the eyes, because the people paid for it too high a price – tens of millions of victims, ruined lives, lost talents, unhealed physical and mental wounds. There is no family in the Ukrainian land, in the annals of which that war had not left terrible pages, and its echo still hurts today.

The decisive and hardest battles on the Soviet-German front were related to our state, the deathly flames of the tornadoes of which had twice swept through Ukraine. In our territories, there were active military operations, in which about sixty percent of the Wehrmacht divisions and half of the Red Army units were involved. Almost forty percent of the military operations of the Second World War were conducted in our territory.

We are proud of veterans of that war. They always remain an example of serving our homeland, our people, the best human ideals.

As in the days of the Second World War, today Ukrainians are at the forefront. It is in our territory that there is the front of fighting this time the Russian aggressor, the front of the struggle for the values of democracy and the rule of law, for the free world.

Therefore, on these bright May days, we will remember and honor all those who had brought the Victory Day closer, defended the peace and those who are doing it today – on check points and Ukrainian borders, in volunteer centers, hospitals, everywhere where our Ukrainian strength is being hardened.

Our sacred duty is to honor all victims of the war, to overcome the shadows of the past, to prevent new tragedies and to build a strong, prosperous, European Ukraine.
I wish all employees, veterans and their families success on this path, peaceful sky, good health, optimism and confidence in the future, welfare and well-being.

Glory to all who defended and is defending Ukraine against aggression!

Glory to Ukraine!


Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine
Yehor Bozhok

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