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The SZRU Chairman’s Greetings on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine

Glory to Ukraine! Dear Officers and Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine and the Protection of the Blessed Virgin.

It is very symbolic that these two great holidays are celebrated on the same day. For today we are not just serving the state, we are defending the Ukrainian people from the insidious Russian aggressor, who threw off the mask of a “brother and sincere friend”, and tried, like a hundred years ago, to conquer Ukraine, to destroy our identity, to slow down us on the path to freedom and independence. But he did not succeed: we stopped the enemy, exposed his aggressive plans, proved to the world who really threatened the whole civilized humanity.

Within the last four years, led by President of Ukraine, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, we have revived our army, language and faith. As the President of Ukraine said, it is a formula of modern Ukrainian identity: our army defends our land, our language defends our hearts, our church defends our souls.

Today you are a symbol of the revival of Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence. Over the past year, we have already done a lot to reform the Service. In a year our infrastructure will be replenished with new objects, our tools – with new equipment and devices, and our professional life – with new rights, responsibilities, as well as privileges and immunities.

I am sure that in a year we will return to the club of the Euro-Atlantic intelligence community, because that is where we naturally belong, because the Ukrainian people want to see their country in the EU and NATO..

Today, we also glorify Our Lady, who protects the Ukrainian Army, all those who defend our Motherland. This thousand-year-long spiritual support by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is extremely needed, because it not only protects us, but also blesses for the right decisions and selfless deeds. God and Truth are with us, and hence victory will be ours. OMNIA VINCIT VERITAS – truth conquers all.

I express my gratitude to the personnel of the SZR of Ukraine and intelligence veterans for their selfless service, high professionalism and dedication. I wish you new achievements in serving our Motherland.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

Chairman of the Service

Ye. Bozhok

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