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The SZRU Has Begun an Investigation into the Disclosure of Classified Information

In response to the information in the media about A. Baronin's alleged appointment as the Rector of the Institute of the SZR of Ukraine, we state the following:

Since November 13, 2018, A. S. Baronin has really been working at the SZRU as the Chairman's Lead Analytics Consultant. Since February 12, 2019, in addition to his main functions, he has been charged with performing the duty of the Rector of the Institute of the SZRU. A. Baronin's main task is to implement the reform of the educational institution in accordance with NATO standards, turning the inefficient structure that only eats up the budget funds into a modern specialized postgraduate educational institution to train specialists according to the best practices of the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD. It is also important that A. Baronin, unlike previous rectors of the SZRU Institute, fluently speaks a foreign language, which significantly contributes to the borrowing of NATO's best practices of training intelligence officers.

A. S. Baronin is the grandson of the legendary Ukrainian intelligence officer A. V. Baronin. He is a brilliant analyst who, from the beginning of Russia's aggression, voluntarily worked to counter the Kremlin's hybrid aggression.

By the way, in the 2000s, A. Baronin was discharged from military service in the Ukrainian Intelligence formally “for health reasons”, and was replaced at the SZRU analytical unit by the “talents” already assigned or queuing to the garbage heap of the history of the Independent Ukraine.

The information published by “Antikor”, despite its being not true, however, contains some data about the personnel of the SZRU, which is the classified information, which is not subject to disclosure.

In connection with this, the SZRU's internal security has already started an investigation into the disclosure of classified information. As you know, under the law of Ukraine, disclosure of classified information entails responsibility, criminal one included.

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