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The Winter That Changed Ukraine Forever

Five years ago, the most tragic events of the Revolution of Dignity took place in Ukraine.

February 18–20, 2014, great sons and daughters of Ukraine, who will later be called the Heavenly Hundred, were brutally shot in Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Institutska Street in Kyiv.

A hundred of killed, thousands of wounded, hundreds of arrested and tortured, dozens of missing persons – this is the price paid by Ukrainians for being free on their own land, for returning to their European home, democratic Euro-Atlantic family.

The events of the Revolution of Dignity became the point of non-return to the old post-Soviet model of relations between the leadership and society, to old corruption schemes, and most importantly – to the Kremlin-dependent foreign policy of Ukraine.

Once again, the Ukrainian people confirmed that in most critical and most important periods of history there would be heroes who, with their sacrifice and indifference, dignity and honor, would defend freedom and future free development.

The Heavenly Hundred has become not only an example of self-sacrifice and patriotism, but also a source of inspiration for the defenders of Ukraine, who are still defending the peaceful life in the East of Ukraine.

Honouring the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, we immortalize the civic and national courage and commitment, strength of spirit, stamina and heroic deeds of the citizens who have forever changed the course of the history of the Ukrainian state.

Never forget the Heroes who gave their lives for our rights and freedoms, ideals of democracy and Ukraine’s European future!


Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!

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