International Cooperation

International cooperation of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is one of the most significant elements of the Service’s intelligence activity. It is conducted on the basis of applicable national and departmental legislation.

Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine has established and maintains the partnership relations of state interest with intelligence, special and law-enforcement bodies of the EU, NATO and CIS countries, as well as Asian, African, Latin America, Asian-Pacific, and Far East states.  The Service maintains the relations with 148 Agencies from 81 countries of the World and with NATO Office of Security.

With military and political situation around Ukraine sharpened and the military aggression of Russian Federation started against our country, the activity of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in the sphere of international cooperation is aimed first of all to join the efforts of the democratic countries to oppose the external aggression of Russia and the dissemination of the separatist movements in some Ukrainian regions, as well as to safeguard the national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Thanks to the support of NATO partners, Ukrainian Intelligence, despite the direct military aggression of the Russian Federation and the harsh counteraction of its special services, managed not only to revive but also to radically modernize all directions of its activity. The initiated reforms allowed to restore trust and to establish proper cooperation with the NATO intelligence community and to gradually integrate into the intelligence community of the North Atlantic Alliance. Within the past year alone, the SZR of Ukraine has significantly developed its partnership with the CIA of the USA, MI6 of Great Britain, BND of Germany, Intelligence Agency of Poland, State Security Department of Estonia, Foreign Information Service of Romania, National Intelligence Organization of Turkey and Foreign Intelligence Service of Georgia. Establishing cooperation with the NATO's Joint Intelligence and Security Division also shows the increase in the Alliance's trusting the Ukrainian intelligence community, and this will help Ukraine's integration into the North Atlantic Alliance.

The priority spheres of international cooperation with partnership services are the following: countering international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and its means of delivery; participation in the countering of transnational organized crime; safeguarding of security in the sphere of energy; assistance in the implementation of bilateral economic projects.

Drastic recent world changes have stipulated substantial transformation of the security sphere. Today, the threats are coming not only from some countries but from certain phenomena, such as world economic and financial crisis. Thus the problem of counteraction against global threats and contemporary challenges, ensuring global and regional security are still being discussed during bilateral and multilateral meetings, negotiations, general sessions and other forums.

New forms of interaction implemented in the regional, bilateral and multilateral cooperation positively influence the solution of important tasks both in Ukraine and abroad. Signed treaties and achieved agreements, as well as their realization allow creating the system of common counteraction to the threats and challenges in the security sphere.