Address by the President of Ukraine on the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Day

Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. Today, Ukraine honors the memory of their feat. The memory of how Ukrainians can fight for their freedom. In the squares, on the barricades, and today – at the front. The memory that in the most difficult moments of history we never give up. We stand for each other, for the sake of each other. The memory that the unity of Ukrainians has no enemy capable of defeating it. That the selflessness of Ukrainians knows no bounds and makes history.

Unity should be manifested not only in thoughts and words, but also in actions for the sake of common goals and our state – address by the President of Ukraine

There is a need for frontline air defense and for a longer range of our weapons. We are working with our partners as hard as possible to resume and extend support. I would like to thank all Ukrainians, all our companies and partners who have already set up production of weapons, shells, drones and electronic warfare – new production that is ramping up.

We must continue to be resilient, determined, and achieve Ukrainian goals in this war – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The battle continues, and the main thing in this battle is that we are doing everything possible and impossible to defeat the Russian evil and protect as many Ukrainian lives as possible.

We are creating a new security architecture for Ukraine that will help in the long run – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

We in Ukraine view what has happened and is happening to our citizens and Ukrainian cargo as an obvious violation of the principles of solidarity. Ukrainian grain on the asphalt is not just a few dramatic shots. This is evidence of how emotions can become dangerous. We have to defend the good neighborliness and solidarity that are changing the history of the whole of Europe for the better.

Ramping up our production is meant to protect the lives of our warriors and expand our capabilities at the front – address by the President of Ukraine

We must realize that everything that our state and our people will now learn to produce for the sake of our Ukrainian goals in the war will definitely become part of Ukrainian exports after the war, after we achieve our goals. Absolutely fair ones. Ukraine's global role is to be a security donor, a security exporter. Ukrainians know how to be strong and will always be strong and help others.

We are creating for Ukraine a fundamentally new system of security relations with the world's major powers – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The security agreement with the UK is already in place, and we are preparing new agreements – ambitious agreements. And not only with European powers. Every agreement with partners must be implemented as soon as possible. We continue preparations for the Global Peace Summit. On the key security aspects broken by the Russian war. Peace has no alternative and must always be just. It must be exactly what our people and any people of the world deserve. The aggressor must never win. And I am grateful to everyone who helps Ukraine, our warriors, and our entire nation.

To add more protection, we are providing greater capabilities to our mobile firing groups – address by the President of Ukraine

Everyone in Ukraine who can produce effective electronic warfare systems deserves full state support at all levels: at the central level – from the government – and in every region with such potential. I am grateful to all representatives of local authorities and to every Ukrainian entrepreneur, to all Ukrainian developers of electronic warfare systems.

We are working to increase the effectiveness of our mobile firing groups and to provide even more regions of Ukraine with electronic warfare systems – address by the President

I thank every warrior who is on combat duty, saving our infrastructure and our people on a daily basis. Since the beginning of the year and up to now, 359 "Shahed" drones have been shot down. The accuracy of our sky defenders, the work of the electronic warfare systems, and the support from each of our partners in terms of the sky shield literally save lives

Combat commanders, brigades' real-life experience must be implemented for the Armed Forces' success – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Clear practice with new technologies is needed. There are more than enough theories; everything must work in practice for the sake of Ukrainian goals and the maximum preservation of the lives of our soldiers.

We value American leadership, its contribution to defense of Ukrainian independence and democracy – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

For every manifestation of Russian madness and terror, no matter what they may be, the best response is losses for the terrorist state. Painful and tangible losses. The more losses the instigator of the war suffers, the closer we can bring the return to peace. A just peace and reliable security.