It Is Our Leadership and the Will of Ukrainians that Must Work for Peace, Europe and Life – the President at his Speech in the Bundestag

We will end this war. We will end it in the best interests of Ukraine and all of Europe. All of us. And all those who will come after us. We will end it on our own terms. The terms that are clear to any person, any ordinary person on this Earth.

Ukraine Needs at Least 7 Patriot Systems to Secure Our Main Urban Agglomerations in the Near Future – President during URC2024

Olaf Scholz announced the transfer of the third Patriot system and IRIS-T systems to Ukraine. The President and the Federal Chancellor agreed on this assistance in April. "The most urgent need of the Ukrainian army now is ammunition, weapons, especially air defense. Therefore, over the next weeks and months, we will provide Ukraine with the third Patriot system, IRIS-T and Gepard systems, missiles and ammunition,” he said.

We Are Preparing New Agreements for Ukraine with European Partners, in Particular with Germany – Address by the President

At present, one of our main tasks is to secure more support for Ukraine in terms of the resilience of our society. This includes energy, recovery after attacks, and all other foundations of normal life. Life that we must preserve despite any attempts by Russia to exert pressure and destroy. We are preparing new agreements for Ukraine with European partners, in particular with Germany, on additional support measures.

We Have Already Reached Agreements with Partners on Additional Air Defense Systems for Ukraine – Address by the President of Ukraine

Now, thanks to negotiations and meetings in France, we have some new solutions for Ukrainian defense – both from France and the United States. Thank you, friends! Progress has also been made in artillery – including the production of 155-caliber shells in Ukraine, and we are preparing a new manufacturing platform. Our combat aviation and electronic warfare capabilities are also being improved. I am grateful to France, and to Emmanuel personally, for his initiative and support for our proposals on the training of our warriors and the provision of brigades. Together, we are preparing a new systematic framework for training units of the Ukrainian Army.

This Russian Regime Does Not Recognize Borders, Even Europe Is Not Enough for It – President's Address to the National Assembly of France

This is what tomorrow may be like. Tomorrow – if Ukraine does not win. This battle against the Russian invaders is taking place on the land of our Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, on the border with Russia and on the outskirts of Kherson, in the underground in Berdyansk, Melitopol and Crimea, in the skies of Ukraine, in our Black Sea. This battle for Ukraine is as existentially important for Europe as the battles won by previous generations of Europeans. This battle is a crossroads. The moment when we can all write history together now – the way we need it, or we can become victims of history as our enemy wants.

It Is Only the Beginning of June, but These Are Already the Weeks That Will Define the Whole Summer, and in Many Ways This Year – the Address by the President

We see the threats that exist. The State must be ready to respond accordingly. It is only the beginning of June, but these are already the weeks that will determine the whole summer and, in many ways, this year. It is about the Peace Summit and our consolidation of the world for the sake of Ukraine, it is also about Europe – our relations with the European Union, and of course it is also about our positions on the front and domestic production. We are doing our best in each of these areas to bring results – to bring them to Ukraine.

President at the Press Conference in Singapore: Peace Summit Is the Beginning of the Path to Ending the War, Not to Another Escalation by Russia

It is only Ukraine, as a victim of war, that has the full right to initiate the path to ending it, namely the Peace Summit. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a meeting with foreign media representatives on the sidelines of the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. "I wish peace to all countries; I wish that no one suffers losses, that no one has mass graves, mass casualties. But it was Ukrainians who died, it was Russians who raped our people, our women, who stole tens of thousands of our children. No one has the right to tell us how this war should end. It must end according to the law, international law, and justice. And it is mandatory," the Head of State emphasized.

Strengthening of Ukrainian Air Defense, Defense Assistance, and Preparations for the Peace Summit Were Discussed at the Summit in Stockholm – Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The participants of the third Ukraine-Nordic Summit in Stockholm discussed defense cooperation, military assistance, strengthening of air defense, Euro-Atlantic integration of our country, and preparations for the Peace Summit. “We must do everything to destroy Russian warplanes, just as we are already destroying Russian warships in the Black Sea. To do this, we need the Patriot air defense systems, and today we discussed how to ensure this,” the Head of State said.

In the Near Future, the Issue of New Air Defense Systems and Co-Production Will Be Actively Discussed with Partners – Address by the President

We are thoroughly planning the negotiations, meetings of our representatives, and the content of the documents. This includes defense packages for Ukraine, new security agreements, and the Peace Summit. In fact, every day we are adding participants to the Summit and countering Russian attempts to disrupt or weaken the Summit.

Russia Is No Longer in a Position to Disrupt the Global Peace Summit, Although It Is Trying Hard to Do So – the Address by the President

Today we are grateful to Sweden: there is a new and very significant military package for our warriors. It is a substantial reinforcement. The whole package is worth almost €1.2 billion. Thank you, Sweden! It is one of our most principled partners, and it is thanks to Sweden that thousands of lives have already been saved in Ukraine.