The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Is Publishing Eugene Lachowitch’s Historical-Journalistic Work “The Ukrainian Issue» from Archives of the Intelligence

To the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is publishing a story about the political and public figure Eugene Lachowitch and the text of his historical - journalistic work “The Ukrainian Issue».

Great Day of the Universal Goodness

For all of us, Christ’s resurrection is a symbol of the triumph of life, victory of love and goodness as the greatest values of mankind. On this day, our hearts are filled with sincere feelings of hope and belief in the victory of goodness, humanity and forgiveness.

35 Years Since the Chornobyl Tragedy: We Pay Tribute to the Heroism and Selflessness of the Liquidators of the Accident

April 26 is forever a sad date not only for Ukraine. On this day in 1986, the greatest catastrophe in the history of nuclear energy occurred - the Chernobyl accident.

Russia Is Intensifying Intelligence Activities in Europe After Normalization of the Situation with COVID-19 –Estonian Internal Security Service

The world increasingly recognizes that Russia poses a threat to the security not only of Ukraine or Europe, but of the whole world. The annual reports of NATO intelligence services directly point to the indisputable facts of Russia's interference in the general world order. Ukraine's Foreign Intelligence Service will continue to publish the main theses of the reports, which tell about the destabilizing actions of the aggressor country.

The US Intelligence Community: “Russia Remains a Major Source of Threats to the United States and the World”

The US Intelligence Community: “Russia Remains a Major Source of Threats to the United States and the World”

Finland's Intelligence Service Emphasizes the Scale of Cyber Espionage by Russia and China

The Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (SUPO) has published an open part of its SUPO 2020 Year Book, which outlines an assessment of the main threats to the country's national security.

Nord Stream 2: Minor Problems Can Lead to a Disaster

Due to the foreign companies' refusal to involve an advanced technological fleet, Russia is forced to complete Nord Stream 2 with its own capabilities, which are currently represented by vessels that are in a disaster-in-the making condition and are technologically obsolete. According to the expert community, the use of technologically obsolete vessels and equipment in the future increases the likelihood of a man-made disaster with environmental consequences on a regional scale at any peak of load.

Russia Is the Main Source of Threats to the EU in the Cyber Sphere

March 22, 2021, the EU Council adopted conclusions on the EU's Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade. The document was presented by the European Commission in mid-December 2020. The new cybersecurity strategy is primarily aimed at protecting the global and open Internet, but at the same time offers guarantees not only to ensure security, but also to protect European values and fundamental human rights through regulatory, investment and policy initiatives.

The SZRU's Publication of the Declassified Documents Is Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine

On the occasion of the celebration at the state level of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine begins publishing archival documents that are of historical value and contain information about events and persons related to state formation in different periods of Ukrainian history.

NORD STREAM 2: Russia Is Trying to Circumvent Sanctions Against the Project

In order to circumvent the sanctions, Russia removes companies-owners from under the sanctions through a mechanism of temporary change of ownership; creates alternative mechanisms to meet the conditions necessary for commissioning the pipeline, after its completion; buys equipment / services for the Nord Stream 2 project from European companies in small batches and involves intermediary companies.