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Press Office

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine informs the general public on its activities, as appropriate, through the Press Office.

The central focus of the work assigned to the Press Office is to generate and disseminate official information on the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, as well as messages, statements, press commentaries on topical issues of the Ukrainian foreign intelligence activity to the media.

If or when necessary, the Press Office organizes press conferences, briefings, interviews of the leadership of the SZRU with journalists, gives help to representatives of national and foreign mass media in obtaining information to prepare inputs on the intelligence activity, interacts with authors of publications and documentaries on intelligence subject. Thus, providing necessary materials for distribution to mass media is subjected to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Intelligence Bodies of Ukraine”, which stipulates that such materials shouldn’t contain classified information and official secrets.

The Press Office has an opportunity to organize consultations with relevant experts to the authors of articles, memoirs, books, movies about the foreign intelligence of Ukraine for an objective treatment of this issue.