Documents of the gpu-nkvd-mgb-kgb of the ukrainian ssr Regarding the Liquidation of Prominent Figures of the Ukrainian National Liberation Movement


The Branch State Archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (BSA of the SZRU) within the framework of the search in the funds for materials of historical value, identified a number of documents relating to the assassination of leaders of the Ukrainian national liberation movement Symon Petliura, Yevhen Konovalets, Lev Rebet, Stepan Bandera and others. Thanks to the looking through, declassification, study of archival files, some materials were chosen that testify to the purposeful work of the ogpu-nkvd-mgb-kgb of the ussr to monitor Ukrainian figures abroad, collect information about their places of residence, movement, preferences, daily routine, etc. and plan special operations to compromise and liquidate them. At the same time, taking into consideration the fact that such operations were often developed in moscow, information about the organizers, performers, specific plans, forces and means was accumulated and stored in the central office of Soviet special services. Therefore, the most important documents that would testify to the preparation of those operations, granting permits for their conduct, the course of events, etc., are stored in the archives of the current special services of the russian federation. The documents stored in the BSA of the SZRU, although they do not contain a complete picture of individual operations, still make it possible to see how they took place, to understand why the kremlin was so much afraid of the leaders of the liberation movement for the independence of Ukraine and tried in every way to liquidate them.

The documents contained in the collection make it possible to significantly supplement the history of attempts and murders of Ukrainian figures abroad, to reveal the mechanisms of activity of the soviet special services aimed at destroying the national liberation movement for freedom and independence of Ukraine and to re-evaluate the events of that time from the point of view of today.

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